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Design and Structural Engineering Consultants

Rahmani and Associates is a structural engineering and consulting firm established in 1985 in Bay Area, California. Mr. Rahmani, principal engineer, has worked in engineering and construction as a business owner and consultant for over 25 years.

Our team of engineers provides a full spectrum of structural engineering services for commercial, residential and mixed commercial/residential construction including wood and steel frame buildings, seismic design of new buildings and structures, seismic evaluation and rehabilitation of existing structures, support for HVAC mechanical units, anchorage of equipment to floor slab or foundation, shoring and underpinning design, foundation for attachment of prefabricated buildings, seismic evaluation and reports, plan checking, and review.

Our projects include wood framing, concrete retaining walls, deep drilled piers for hillside foundations, and seismic bracing using plywood shear walls and/or welded steel framing. Our engineers work closely with the project architect and have long standing relationships with many of Bay Area County’s leading architectural firms. We specialize in projects that entail challenging environments such as steep hillsides, rough soil conditions, earthquakes, preserving views, structural steel framing for long-span beams and seismic bracing, and the use of the latest engineered wood products for stronger and more dimensionally stable beams and joists. Our project’s detail includes foundations retaining walls, surrounding landscape, driveway, and parking areas.

For foundation design, our soil engineering team performs test and measurements including size and depth of drilled piers for anchorage into bedrock, size of footings, and soil nails or high-capacity tie-backs. We perform seismic analysis and design on structures subject to permanent “dead” weight of the structure, temporary “live” load of contents and occupants, and lateral loads from wind or earthquake (seismic) forces. Seismic features include: fastening of structure to foundation, plywood shear walls or welded steel bracing frames for stability, and many types of steel rods, anchors and straps that couple strength with ductility.

Working with our clients and site management, we meet and keep track of budget, and schedule requirements, cost management, and quality control through each phase of every project. Our clients include architects, contractors, developers and homeowners with projects in cities and counties throughout the Bay Area.